About Me

My favorite expression about art was once made by Bernard Shaw:
“Without art, the crudeness of reality would make the world unbearable. ”
The beauty, the passion, the forms in which art comes to you – even often without realizing it – originates these sparks of positive energy, moments of enjoyment in your mind.

Whether its music, poetry, literature, painted or other visual arts they are here. Its my opinion that art is everywhere, it surrounds us in our daily live, often without realizing it you can find art in the smallest things around you, sometimes even product design can be art without realizing it. The designer has spend great efforts to produce something that is beautiful, that is there to inspire and to be used by you. You can take things to learn or to enjoy. For me whatever the art forms are, conscious or unconscious, aware to its viewer, they are an essential part of our ordinary lives. But nothing is greater then to be able to enjoy those moments, taking the time – however short it may be – to explore the beauty intended by its creator you are so much more able to treasure live. Would we all just listen a bit more to that unconscious brain we have, those first moment impulses we have. Too often we continue to run without enjoyment.

I love to read, actually reading was my first real passion. My friends say I live in a library. In literature I most admire the old Russian masters.
I have a great interest in psychoanalysis, dreams and things we can not explain very easily. That is why I started the page Art & the Unconscious Mind. Its a page about dreaming, reality, art and the influences they have on our unconsciousness. And actually often its the unconsciousness where these originate.

I have devoted myself to create art utilizing mainly digital techniques because it allows me to capture every day elements in a social or personal context. I try make visuals that are appealing to the eye that are inspirational and trigger emotion. My poetry is different however. You could consider me as an energetic and overall happy person but I have my dark moments… and its those moments that I try to capture in my poems… Sadness and complex thoughts are an inspiration for me to write about.

Dreams are necessary to life.
“Anais Nin”

When I studied Italian Literature I had a strong focus on Magical Realism and Philosophy. It was because of my study that I left for Italy, where I lived in Rome, Verona and Naples. For me that was an unforgeable experience because of the historical architecture it was like living in a huge beautiful museum. Living there was one of the greatest periods in my life. After some time I decided to go and search for the Greek Gods.

So one day I just decided to take a boat to Piraeus and start to explore the Greek culture in the city of Athens. After this I traveled on to Thessaloníki and then visited almost all of the Greek islands. As of today I am still in love with the islands, their beauty and I learned what some of the great thinkers found there.

After my Odyssey I went back home to the Netherlands where I was faced with reality, meaning I had to start to make a living. As it so happened I started working in Public Relations. There I worked to represent several companies and among them was the brand Champagne, which still is my favorite drink.

In 2004 I set up my first own company and called it Passion for Paintings. My idea was to build a bridge between prints and contemporary art. I wanted to close the gap that existed between people that would ordinary buy posters and  could not afford – or did not want to afford – to buy ‘real’ paintings. It was a great way to educate people and try to turn them into art lovers. The next logical step for me was to create a platform to help promote contemporary artists. PassionofArt.com is an online art gallery where artists can exhibit their works on the Internet.

I have made so many albums of all the things I love in my life, that at a certain point I thought it would be a good idea to share this with people who are interested in the same things and here it is…
Moniques Passions

Satisfaction for art lovers, are you satisfied?


  1. Eligah Boykin Jr. says
    17 March 11 at 8:54pm

    Hi Monique!

    I greatly admire your adventures in Art, Monique; especially those where you are
    in Athens and touring the Greek Isles. You really seem like an Athens of Hypatia
    type of gal!

    I intend to joyfully explore and investigate all your doings and goings as you have
    captivated my curiousity and are beginning to thoroughly galvanize my creative imagination!

    Thanks for inviting me into your community of poets! I am sure that through association with other poets I will more easily kindle the Spirit of God that enables
    others and myself to do our Holy Work!

    Love in Action,


    • admin says
      18 March 11 at 1:22pm

      Thanks Eligah,
      People like you inspire me to write poems, make paintings and start an online magazine….
      I like to thank you for your kind support and your contributions to the poetry group…
      I am really pleased to read your poems….hopefully more will follow…
      thanks a lot my dear friend and fellow poet,

  2. Dee Gel says
    16 May 11 at 12:12pm

    Dear Monique ~ lover of life and life arts, you share with this world the joyous realm that many seek but few find. The zest of life is here for all to discover!

    • Monique says
      03 August 11 at 7:35am

      Thank you very much for your kind words Dee :) ))

  3. arian says
    08 July 11 at 11:08pm

    Dear monique

    i would like u to read some books from albanian writers, Ismail Kadare, he is famous in the world.
    the book u can read is army general dead and more u can read from him.
    have nice day
    your friend

    • Monique says
      11 February 13 at 10:34am

      Thank you Arian, I do love the books of Kadare. Kind regards, Monique

  4. Yuliyana Todorova says
    09 July 11 at 6:53pm

    Thanks for sharing this interesting story of your life path and exploration of art, Monique:) I just gave the link to your site to a dear friend in NC, USA and she simply loved it. I do believe art is there to share and help people come together in a contemporary life of hustle, bustle and, sadly, lack of spirituality…

    • Monique says
      03 August 11 at 7:36am

      My dear Yuliyana, so happy seeing you here and I do agree with you, art is there to share and bring people together in a very pleasant way.
      Thank you so much for sharing the link, I appreciate that :)

  5. maría mónica podestá says
    21 October 11 at 7:08pm

    Querida Monique ,quiero felicitarte poe el excelente trabajo realizado ,yo no transito en ninguna rama del arte ,pero devoro todas !!! me ayuda muchísimo todos tus citios que ya empecé a conocer.Justamente hace unos días estuve intentando comprar los diarios de Anais y me encontré que en varios lados no están ,solo alguno aislado.El Art Nouveax es un de mis preferidos también,nuevamente muchas gracias por lo que nos das.Cariñosamente MMP

    • Monique says
      11 February 13 at 10:33am

      Querida Mara, muchas gracias por tus palabras gentiles. Soy muy feliz que estas aqui en mi blog y que te gusta. Un abrazzo, Monique

  6. alessandra albertini says
    16 February 12 at 11:46am

    Hello Monique, I feel honoured to have the chance to read about you and share this page full of your strong, solar personality. I will explore your works with great true interest and I’m sure I’ll enjoy them. Thank you very much

    • Monique says
      11 February 13 at 10:27am

      Dear Alessandra, thank you so much for your so kind words. I am happy I have met you and it is an honor sharing beautiful things with you. Kind regards, Monique

  7. 27 February 12 at 12:29pm

    Hello! Monique,

    What a wonderful account you have given about yourself. I just loved reading each and every word of it. What I like the most about you is that you have been able to venture in to places of your interest, get exposure that enriched your mind, gain valuable experience and the act according to the dictates of your own passion and reason. To put it in another way, you have been such a wonderful guide of yourself. This only happens when you can know yourself rightly – one of the most difficult things in the world! That is where the four main virtues come into play, namely courage, wisdom, temperance and justice. You have them all. I know you will go a long way to attain your goals that you have set for yourself. Wishing you all success and more prosperity.
    Your concept about art is perfect. I can see this was always there inside you. You were born with it. Once you have the right concept, you can analyze a situation correctly and take the right decisions. Within you all success once again. God bless.

    With regards,


    • Monique says
      11 February 13 at 10:26am

      Dear Chandra, thank you very much for your kind words, you are really giving me a very happy feeling. Thank you. Warm regards, Monique

  8. 04 March 12 at 11:42pm

    I share many of your passions and love your site. Hope you write your memoir, it sounds like it would make great reading.

    • Monique says
      11 February 13 at 10:25am

      Thank you Bruce, maybe one day I will write my memoir, I will send you a copy , I promise ;)

  9. John David Lazaro says
    14 April 12 at 2:08am

    Dear Monique,

    I love the inspiring EXAMPLE you have set … of first being aware of art in all its forms; learning to appreciate it as it surrounds us in our daily LIFE, and by your resilience and passion of making a pilgrimage, as it were, to countries that have historically richly contributed to Western Culture & Civilization – to experience first hand the inspirational creative vibes that still linger in those places. Finally you showed us how that was not an end, but a beginning – for spreading these progressive and human advancements in and around our current world. I believe you are a natural born leader, Monique, as your LIFE is indeed an inspiring example for all of us – ideally thats what leaders ought to fundamentally do; inspire people to come alive and get animated for a good reason. I therefore salute you, Monique, for the EXAMPLE you have so sincerely and passionately set. May you be a growing hub of truly civilized reformation for HUMANITY. I wish you well, and am extremely proud of you, Ma.

    John David Lazaro

    • Monique says
      11 February 13 at 10:24am

      Thank you very much dear John, for your kind words. Warm regards, Monique

  10. irina Filatova says
    06 June 12 at 12:41am

    Dear MONIQUE!!! Thank you so very much for your passion to art reading ,music and your willing to share it with people with the same interest!
    I was very happy to found you on Face book and now i am on you website !!! Spent almost all day reading your story listening music and feel happy that internet let me know you !!!!!
    Irina Filatova

    • Monique says
      11 February 13 at 10:21am

      Dear Irina, Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog and the posts I make. I am very pleased I have met you on Facebook and now here! Warm Regards, Monique

  11. Bill McMahon says
    02 November 12 at 11:19pm

    Hello Monique,

    I just connected with your FB page and here. Looking forward to continued sharing.

    God Bless,


    • Monique says
      11 February 13 at 10:18am

      Thank you for being here and for reading my blog Bill!

  12. strougar isabelle says
    16 December 12 at 11:14am

    I share with you your beautifuul ideas about art and way of life and i am very happy to meet you by face book.

    • Monique says
      11 February 13 at 10:17am

      Thank you for your lovely comment dear Isabelle, I am very happy to know you also :) )

  13. Martin says
    07 January 13 at 1:36am

    you are so right on the mark about art in our daily lives . It makes all the differance in my day . Thanks

    • Monique says
      11 February 13 at 10:15am

      Yes it does Martin! Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and posting a comment. I appreciate it! Monique

  14. Lucyna says
    18 January 13 at 4:05pm

    Yours sincerely. Interesting page and thoughts.

    • Monique says
      11 February 13 at 10:16am

      Thank you very much Lucyna :) Glad you like my page!

  15. beth h. says
    16 October 13 at 3:05am

    Hi Monique,

    I just wanted to say that this site is wonderful. Please keep up your great work sharing art and inspiration with the world.


    • Monique says
      13 January 14 at 3:20pm

      Thank you very much Beth for your kind appreciation.

    • Monique says
      30 June 14 at 1:03pm

      Thank you very much Beth. I appreciate your comment very much, I am glad you like the website. Warm regards, Monique

  16. 03 September 14 at 3:13pm

    Estimada amiga:

    Me gustaría añadir el link de este blog a las webs de mujeres creadoras:



    Espero tu respuesta.

    Un cordial saludo,

    Teresa Iturriaga Osa

    Escritora y traductora
    Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

    • Monique says
      26 November 14 at 5:03pm

      Querida Teresa,

      Es un honor para mi si tu anades mi blog a las otras webs. Si tu quieres puedo anadir tambien los links a mi blog.

      Muchas gracias.

      Saludo cordial,
      Monique Weberink


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