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Moniques Passions Blog is much more than just a blog. Since its launch in 2011 it is evolved into a full-fledged art ezine website with already thousands of users. Anyone that is passionate about Art will find their passions written about here. Its an informative site about Artists and their Art, Designs and Creations, Poetry as its intended to be, the great thinkers, writers, but also inspiring music and anything else that relates to art that stimulates our senses. Artworks that are beautiful in their own way and worth while to enojy. This online Art magazine wants you to read and experience it! Daily published: Art, Poetry, Music and everything else that inspires our brain.

User Comments

“Monique, I’m very glad to have my works in your site. I always read you interesting posts, music and specially your poems, which are beautiful, but any way sad, because the poet is a beautiful, bright and intelligent girl interested in art who brings us daily art news.
I love all you post, incredible, we have similar taste.I was very honored when you posted my work and story in Monique´s Passions. I was proud of myself. Thank you  a million times, you made me very happy. I love your smile and your sad poems.”

“Thanks Monique once again. It’s simply awesome…I simply appriciate your choice and point of views a lot.I am great fan of Art & Literature.You seems to be great inspiration for us. Keep posting.Love you…”

“You are doing greatest job for all artists around the world,you unite them in a big Art family.This union of artists will save the world …as Dostoevskij said “Beauty will save the world!” Your beautiful soul are so magnetic,so amazingly creative that all of us magnified and inspired by you.Monique,your poetry is so sensual,your art is gentle,your gallery are full of sun and wormth.Love your passions,love your creative self.Wish you all the best from the bottom of my heart.”

“This website has very well thought out content and insight into the “art condition” of the world today. Monique is setting an excellent standard.”