The Red Dress
Charles Webster Hawthorne,
The Red Dress, 1915
Secret Accusation ~ Francesco Paolo Hayez
Secret accusation
Francesco Paolo Hayez - 1847-1848
James Whistler ~ The Poetry Of Sight
Symphony in White (1865) by James Whistler
Whistler painted his lover Joanna Hiffernan. This painting shows her beautiful profile while reflected in the mirror.
The white of the dress is the dominant color in this painting.
Joanna has been Whistler's lover for seven years, then she met his friend, the artist Courbet and became his lover.

"Just like music is the poetry of sound, painting is the poetry of sight, and this has nothing to do with a harmony of sound or color"
James Abbot Whistler
Joseph Rodefer Decamp ~ The Blue Mandarin Coat
"The Blue Mandarin Coat" 1922
Joseph Rodefer DeCamp (1858 -1923)
John Singer Sargent ~ Cashmere Shawl
"Cashmere Shawl" 1910 by John Singer Sargent
American 1856 - 1925
Alfred Stevens ~ Painter Of Sad Moods
Alfred George Stevens, a native of Brussels, spent much of his career in Paris where he was regarded as one of the most important recorders of the bourgeois and aristocratic levels of la vie moderne.
Alfred Stevens ~ The Japanese Mask
The Japanese mask 1877 by Alfred Stevens
Alfred Stevens ~ Femme Au Chale Des Indes
Femme au châle des Indes dans un atelier by Alfred Stevens
Alfred Stevens ~ The Bath
The bath (1867) by Alfred Stevens
Alfred Stevens ~ La Parisienne Japonaise
La Parisienne Japonaise by Alfred Stevens