Animals Of The Sea
Animals of the Sea
"There is pleasure in the pathless woods, there is rapture in the lonely shore, there is society where none intrudes, by the deep sea, and music in its roar; I love not Man the less, but Nature more."

Lord Byron

Animals of the Sea
Odilon Redon - 1910
Odilon Redon ~ The Misty Outline Of A Human Form
“The best thing about dreams is that fleeting moment, when you are between asleep and awake, when you don't know the difference between reality and fantasy, when for just that one moment you feel with your entire soul that the dream is reality, and it really happened.”
Odilon Redon - 1840-1916
I saw above the misty outline of a human form - 1896
Odilon Redon ~ In My Dreams
In my Dreams... (Hommage a Goya)

Odilon Redon
Odilon Redon ~ Death's Head
Illustrations for Le Jure by Edmond Picard
Series of 7 litographs, 1887

No. 1
The wall of his room was opening up, and from the crack a death's head was projected.

Odilon Redon
Odilon Redon ~ Guardian Spirit Of The Water
Guardian Spirit of the Water

Odilon Redon
Odilon Redon ~ On Being An Artist
The Artist submits from day to day to the fatal rhythm of the impulses of the universal world which encloses him, continual centre of sensations, always pliant, hypnotized by the marvels of nature which he loves, he scrutinizes. His eyes, like his soul, are in perpetual communion with the most fortuitous of phenomena.

Odilon Redon

Odilon Redon ~ The Monster
While I recognize the necessity for a basis of observed reality... true art lies in a reality that is felt.”

The Monster
Odilon Redon
Odilon Redon ~ On His Originality
My originality consists in putting the logic of the visible to the service of the invisible.
Odilon Redon

Profil de Lumiere
Odilon Redon ~ The Birth Of Venus
The birth of Venus

Odilon Redon
Odilon Redon ~ Painter Of Illusions
Portrait of Violette Heymann