“Have no fear of perfection – you’ll never reach it.”
Salvador Dali

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  1. Alifya says
    04 January 11 at 11:27am

    Truly predicted..!!..I agree..:)

  2. 13 January 11 at 10:24am

    Salvador Dali created art ahead of his time and, to some extent, ahead of the current era. He had a passion for doing his art in a new and original way. He was so original and so refreshingly new that he broke the bounds of doing what other people could understand. They could not understand his creativity because to them, normalcy was confined to a tiny box of sameness and mimicry of everything that was bland, tasteless, and vulgarly repulsive.

    The same thing is happening right under our eyes as you read this. The unaware see the world as random, chaotic, and lacking in semblance of order. But a small group of mathematicians and and graphic artists have blended art and mathematics in such a way that they have turned the banal paradigm on its head. By simply using speed of execution in combination with the tedium of mathematical functions, their meld has created a splendid world of organized randomness with patterns are capable of both converging and diverging. Add to that a color sensitivity and design judgment and an ability to conceive that the real world and the imaginary world of mathematics can be quantified exactly, within reasonable limits, by computers. The result is the art of fractal images produced by the science of computer technology. For all intents and purposes, this world can be examined in microscopic detail with only curiosity and the willingness to search presenting any limitations. The mathematical explanation of this opportunity is beyond my ability to expound, but the essential point is that a new artistic medium has been created that has the ability to astound and stun the observer with its beauty and its wonder. Images are created that have never before been seen, hidden from view since the beginning of time, and only since circa 1985 have these images begun to be spring forth. This mathematically-made-visible world is a marvel and an acquired taste that I would commend to your artistic awareness.


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