Gala Dalí (7 September [O.S. 26 August] 1894 – June 10, 1982), usually known simply as Gala, was the wife of first Paul Éluard, then Salvador Dalí, and an inspiration for them and many other writers and artists.

Gala was born Elena Dmitrievna Diakonova in Kazan, Tatarstan, Russia, to a family of intellectuals. Among her childhood friends was the poet Marina Tsvetaeva.

She was a muse for Dalí who said that she was the one who saved him from madness and an early death.

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  1. 27 February 12 at 12:15am

    [...] ceux qui aimeraient connaître l’origine du choix du prénom, c’est par ici, en hommage à Gala [...]


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