Musical Dream Of Passion ~ Poem By Monique Lucy Weberink

Dancing, dancing the tango

With you my love

As if we are the only ones

Dancing in this world

We both feel this passionate love of ours

Bodies close together

While we are turning and moving around

Listening to these bittersweet words

Of pain and despair

Please let the music continue,

I do not want to stop

And step back into the real world

Let me dance

Just a little bit longer

Cherish this safety

Of your protective arms

Seeing these proud movements

In a sensual way

Submission and coalescence

Are taking control over me

Your masculine posture, my sensual spinning

Around you

I let myself go,

Nothing on my mind

Just the deepness of the music

And the necessity of

Being close to you

The music stops

Words are fading away

Shadows are falling on us

It is getting late

This dancing of us

Has come to an end

And so has this glorious feeling

Of surrender and passion

One step back into reality

A reality without you my love

A last look in your eyes

And I can read the message they are telling me

But you can not speak out..

Adios mi amor

Monique Weberink



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