All by myself absorbing the silence
Excluding the noise of my complicated life
I just like to sit here and be quiet for a while
Observing the incomprehensible world around me

Listen, carefully now, can you hear this stillness
Or is it just inside, inside my head
Millions of thoughts are circling around, if you listen well
You can hear them begging to find a way out

At moments I feel like being stuck in time
Except my thoughts chased up words spoken in riddles
My mind filled with complicated thoughts
Overwhelmed by anger and painful plots

Grimy faces all around me deep down in my inner self
A lifetime of stories filling up my bookshelf
What am I thinking of, why can’t I break this
Rolling down my face is a frozen teardrop

What happened to my uncomplicated youthful existence
Is it destroyed by the needs of an adult life.
This has to stop, it can no longer persist
It hurts me physically, creating unbearable pain

I am desperately looking for some peace of mind
But I have not been able to release myself
Thoughts are getting lost and not being found
Restless mind, unquiet times, and the simplicity of the soul

Distant, tired and exhausted
Simplicity, a lovely word to say…

Monique Weberink

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    26 January 11 at 10:56pm

    The mind is restless,the heart is fond,and the distance is far,but the gates are near to reach the beloved and to know the secret for where the heart is leading her.
    Beautiful and mystic,congratulations to the young talented artist and poet,Monique Weberink,she is an innocent genius with a bright futur !!!

    26 January 11 at 11:17pm

    In this beautiful and sad peoms there is a rebellious innert part of a lonely soul who is screeming deep down in her silence with a desperate call to her beloved to respond,but the voice is lost in a void without return to south the sad soul and the restless mind,she longs for love,the heart weeps and the soul is desperate to hear a whispering of words of love and to feel free like a happy and joyfu bird flying high in the sky.Can the beloved hear her voice in her deep silence,only if the mind is quieten and the soul rest then the beloved appear to her singing beautful melodies.

    Good luck Monique !!!

    • Arjeta says
      18 August 11 at 11:31am

      Nordine ,I would like to say that you have beautiful soul ,I say that because every word of you is so beautiful thought and say’d and also poem from Monique is beautiful too ,and i was enjoying today with both of you thanks !

  3. admin says
    27 January 11 at 10:39am

    Thank you so very very much for your wonderful comments Nordine, I appreciate this a lot! Your comments are POETRY to me! :) ))))

    • NORDINE ZAHRA says
      27 January 11 at 5:23pm

      Thanks ti you who gives me the possibility and to help me to express my inner art and my feelings,it`s a honor for me to comment Monique`s work and her innocent deep wisdom and strong love for art,i love her works,it`s a pleasure for me to be a member in her blog !!!

      • Monique says
        01 April 11 at 12:50pm

        A very big thank you Nordine :) ))))))

  4. 18 August 11 at 11:38am

    I enjoy every time I read poem of you ,and i like you work too ,
    you are a great artist Monique ,I wish you manny happiness in you life :-)

    • Monique says
      19 August 11 at 10:49am

      Thank you very much Arjeta! I am so pleased to read that you like my poems and my other works :) thank you


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