Deeply In Love ~ Poem By Monique Lucy Weberink

Endlessly repeating Words of Love
Whispering Voices throughout the Night
My Body and Soul do not belong anymore
They are possessed by you now my Love

I have lost Control over my Emotions
No sense of Reality anymore

While its still Dark outside
We are here together as One
Dreaming away in your arms
not thinking about our other Lives

I am lost in a Place where Time does not exist,
Absorbed and become one in this Passionate Love
Your Arms are holding me tighter and tighter,
and you are not willing to let me go just yet

Dawn is coming, morning is there
it brings nothing but despair
Sadly we have to let go
leave this romantic Dream
as if it was... JUST A DREAM...

Monique Lucy Weberink

Painting is Orphelia by Odilon Redon