In Giacometti’s Studio
The object of art is not to reproduce reality, but to create a reality of the same intensity. (Alberto Giacometti)
Giorgio De Chirico ~ The Dream Versus Life
"Although the dream is a very strange phenomenon and an inexplicable mystery, far more inexplicable is the mystery and aspect our minds confer on certain objects and aspects of life."
Giorgio de Chirico

Painting: The two Sisters - (the Jewish Angel)
Umberto Eco ~ We Live For Books
"We Live for Books"
Umberto Eco
(5 January 1932 – 19 February 2016)
Galileo ~ On Truths
"All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them."
Galileo Galilei

Galileo Galilei, was an Italian astronomer, physicist, engineer, philosopher, and mathematician who played a major role in the scientific revolution during the Renaissance. (Wikipedia)
(February 15, 1564 - January 8, 1642)
John Singer Sargent ~ A Vision
"I don't dig beneath the surface for things that don't appear before my own eyes."
John Singer Sargent
At Torre Galli: Ladies in a Garden
John Singer Sargent - 1910

John Singer Sargent - 1908
Tina Modotti ~ Donna Universale
" I cannot solve the problem of life by losing myself in the problem of art."

Tina Modotti (August 16 (or 17) 1896 – January 5, 1942) was an Italian photographer, model, actress, and revolutionary political activist.
Tina Modotti with her arms raised
Edward Weston, ca.1921
Primo Levi ~ On Happiness
"Sooner or later in life everyone discovers that perfect happiness is unrealizable, but there are few who stop to consider the antithesis; that perfect unhappiness is equally unattainable."
- Primo Levi
Fellini ~ On Art
"All art is autobiographical; the pearl is the oyster's autobiography."
Federico Fellini