Paul Nouge ~ Le Bras Revelateur
Paul Nouge
Le Bras Revelateur (1929)

Paul Nougé (1895–1967) was a Belgian poet, philosopher and surrealist photographer who heavily influenced the Belgian Surrealist School of which he was a member. He was a friend and associate of fellow artists Louis Scutenaire, Marcel Mariën and René Magritte - whom he was a major influence upon.
Magritte ~ On Poetry
"Written poetry is invisible. Painted poetry has a visible appearance."

Rene Magritte
Magritte ~ On Art
“Art evokes the mystery without which the world would not exist.”
Rene Magritte
Rene Magritte ~ On The Art Literature
...all critical literature prowling around the world of art should be aware of its essential absurdity, which makes one think of a swarm of clumsy flies buzzing around a decomposing corpse.

Rene Magritte

Painting The Secret Double (Le double secret) 1927