Andre Breton ~ Existence Is Everywhere
"It is living and ceasing to live that are imaginary solutions. Existence is elsewhere."
Andre Breton

Photo by Henry Cartier -Bresson.
Brassai ~ Folies Bergere
Brassai (Ghula Halasz,1899-1984)-.Juan-les-pins, Folies Bergère, 1932
Silent Whisper ~ Monique Lucy Weberink
Silent Whisper
Photo by Monique Lucy Weberink
Edward Steichen ~ The Photographer
"Every other artist begins with a blank canvas, a piece of paper the photographer begins with the finished product."
Edward Steichen

"The Flatiron" 1905 by Edward Steichen
Paul Nouge ~ Le Bras Revelateur
Paul Nouge
Le Bras Revelateur (1929)

Paul Nougé (1895–1967) was a Belgian poet, philosopher and surrealist photographer who heavily influenced the Belgian Surrealist School of which he was a member. He was a friend and associate of fellow artists Louis Scutenaire, Marcel Mariën and René Magritte - whom he was a major influence upon.
Dora Maar, Le Simulateur
Dora Maar
Le Simulateur (The Pretender), 1936
Immogen Cunningham ~ Portrait Of Martha
Portrait of Martha Graham (1931)
Immogen Cunningham (April 12, 1883 – June 24, 1976) was an American photographer known for her photography of botanicals, nudes and industry.
Henri Toulouse-lautrec ~ On Newness In Art
In our time there are many artists who do something because it is new.. they see their value and their justification in this newness. They are deceiving themselves.. novelty is seldom the essential. This has to do with one thing only.. making a subject better from its intrinsic nature.

Henri Toulouse-Lautrec

Photo Maurice Guibert (1893)
Man Ray ~ On Dreams
It has never been my object to record my dreams, just the determination to realize them."
Man Ray

Photo Sleeping Woman 1929 by Man Ray
Isadora Duncan
Isadora Duncan at the portal of the Parthenon, Athens, 1920
Photo by Edward Streichen (1897-1973)