Vladimir Odoevsky ~ The Soulless
“The soulless have no need of melancholia”
― Vladimir Odoevsky
Edgar Degas, Melancholy, 1874
Ophelia ~ A Tormented Soul
Ophelia (second version) 1863
Arthur Hughes (1832-1915)

Ophelia in literature
Russian novelist Fyodor Dostojevski , in the first chapter of his 1880 masterpiece The Brothers Karamazov, described a capricious young woman who committed suicide by throwing herself off a steep cliff into a river, simply to imitate Shakespeare's Ophelia. Dostoevsky concludes that "Even then, if the cliff, chosen and cherished from long ago, had not been so picturesque, if it had been merely a flat, prosaic bank, the suicide might not have taken place at all." Dostoevksy also depicts the heroine Grushenka as Ophelia, binding the two through the words "Woe is me!" in the chapter entitled "The First Torment."
Goethe ~ The Lonely Soul
The soul that sees beauty may sometimes walk alone.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Oscar Wilde ~ Soul And Senses
"Nothing can cure the soul but the senses, just as nothing can cure the senses but the soul."
Oscar Wilde (The picture of Dorian Gray)
My Soul Is An Enchanted Boat ~ Percy B . Shelley
My soul is an enchanted boat,
which, like a sleeping swan, doth float
upon the silver waves of thy sweet singing;
and thine doth like an angel sit
beside a helm conducting it

Percy B. Shelley

Painting is My Soul is an Enchanted Boat by Walter Crane .
The Loneliness Of A Drowning Soul ~ Monique Lucy Weberink
Help me, please, I am sinking
Sinking deeper in some sort of colorless Mud
You are not reaching out for my Hand
And although it is close, I can not grab it

When you sensed me, you even moved your hand away
I desperately tried to reach out further
So many faces surrounding me
They keep coming closer and like a dense fog

I am drowning while the fog takes my vision
Its getting colder and I start to shiver
I try to reach for the ground below me
But my feet are without weight sensing the abyss below

The faces look upon me in pity
They are speaking, but in weird voices
Are they talking to or about me
The sounds feel like words of mercy without love

There is only one voice I desperately long for
But this one I do not hear
Whispering, my love, do not worry, I am here.
Now it becomes clear you were never there

I am sinking deeper and deeper
There is no hope left
Was your love ever real?
Panic feeds a darkness at the heart of my Soul

I cant see anything anymore, not even the shapes
Your hand is gone and there is nothing else to grab on to
I surrender and fall into the depth
All alone my soul is drowning

2010 - Monique Lucy Weberink